Quit Claim Deed Forms

Quit Claim Deed Forms

Quit Claim Deed Forms


Guide to Finding Quit Claim Deed Forms


If you are interested in recording a quitclaim deed with your local County Recorder's office, you may be wondering what kind of quitclaim deed forms you will need to fill out.  Quit claim deed forms are necessary for you to properly file your quitclaim deed with the county recorder's office in order to transfer a title.  This guide will help you to understand what a quit claim deed is, when you might need to use quitclaim deed forms, and where you can seek out quit claim deed forms in your county.


What Are QuitClaim Deed Forms?


Quit claim deed forms are filed with your County Recorder as a way of legally recording a quit claim deed.  This is a type of deed (a way of transferring property) that quickly and easily gets rid of any claim the seller may have on the product, essentially transferring the product to the buyer.  


When you file a quit claim deed, appropriate quitclaim deed forms are necessary for you to complete the filing process.  Unfortunately, no single form exists that can be used in any jurisdiction.  Instead, most counties have their own quit claim deed forms that must be filled out when filing a quitclaim deed in that county.


When Do I Need a Quitclaim Deed Form?


Unlike most deeds, quitclaim deeds do not provide any warranties or guarantees at all—in fact, quitclaim deeds do not even promise that the seller actually owns the property in question.  Because of this, you may only wish to file a quit claim deed form for property transfers that occur between you and close, trusted people.


Some of the most common applications of quitclaim deed forms are to transfer a house to one spouse after a divorce, or to gift property like a car to a child or other relative.  Quit claim deed forms are required to ensure that the transfer of property is lawful.


Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?


For most people, the answer is no.  You can find quitclaim deed forms online that can help you to file your own quit claim deed forms at the county recorder's office.  Because quitclaim deed forms are typically only filed for transfers of property between relatives or spouses, you may wish to simply file the quit claim deed forms yourself, without legal help.


If you wish to have an attorney examine the quitclaim deed forms you have drawn up, it is likely to be a relatively quick, inexpensive consultation.  For additional peace of mind, calling a local lawyer and having him or her look over your quit claim deed forms can be useful.


Where can I find QuitClaim Deed Forms?


Each county has its own quit claim deed forms, and you can typically find a source for them at the website for your county's government.  You can also find many of the forms online at this site.  For instance, [county] in [state]'s quitclaim deed forms can be found at the following link: [link]. 




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